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1 Day: £36.54 (ex VAT)

2 Day: £54.81 (ex VAT)

Week: £73.08 (ex VAT)


Plunge Circular Saw inc. 1.4M Track

Precise plunge saw with many features.

Soft start and constant electronics.

Max depth of cut at  90° 55mm and at 45°  39mm.

Clear scale for precise saw adjustment.

-2° negative angle available, also pre-set 22.5°.

Can perform a cut 18mm from a wall.

Adjustment for perfect fit on rail.

Makita 1.4m Guide Rail.

Rail has anti-slip coating, so clamping not required.

Makita Guide Rail Connector.

Guide rail connector for Makita Guide Rail system.

Makita Adjustable Bevel Guide for Guide Rail SP6000.

Quick and accurate way to cut angles with your guide rail.

Bevel guide sits against edge of work and also in rail slot.

Pivot and lock to the required angle.

Graduated scale 0 – 45° left or right.