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Ecolite-T Diesel portable lighting tower

Does your lighting tower offer you all this?

  • Energy Efficient & Reduced Emissions – Uses the latest lighting technology low energy lights with a fuel saving of up to 85% against standard metal halide mobile lighting towers.
  • Excellent Fuel Economy – Only using 0.5L diesel.
  • Fully Bunded Design – No fluids can leak from the unit in the unlikely event of an internal spillage.
  • Time Saving – Up to 170 hours continuous run time on one tank of fuel.
  • Fully Hydraulic 9.1m Mast – no hand winching required using bio-degradable fluids.
  • Robust & Sturdy – able to withstand winds of up to 100kph
  • The Original AMOSS – Safety system that prevents movement of the unit while the mast is raised avoiding potential safety hazards from overhead structures.
  • Safer Working Environment – LED lamps provide reduced glare, are flicker free and high colour rendering index lighting.
  • HATZ Diesel Engine – Complies with the latest emissions regulations.
  • Easily Transportable – Compact and weighing only 750kg


Product Specifications:

  • Dry Weight: 750kg
  • Length: 2500mm
  • Height: 2150mm
  • Overall Floodlight Height: 8850mm
  • Tow Hitch Height: 440mm
  • Width: 1345mm
  • Width w/Jack Legs: 2105mm
  • Engine: 3.1kw
  • Noise Level: 85dBa LWA
  • Engine Oil Cap: 2.6L
  • Fuel Capacity: 95L
  • Lifting Eye Safe Load: 1000kg
  • Operating Voltage: 12vDC 220vAC
  • Ground Clearance: 244mm
  • Braking: Park & Overrun
  • Max Safe Wind Speed: 100kph
  • Lamps: 4 x 160W LED