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Retrieval Winch

Operates as a standard fall arrest block, but should the user fall they can be winched up or lowered to safety without delay.

The fall arrest block has an integral winch which is simple to operate and will function as a normal fall arrest block when the winch is not engaged.

Has optional brackets allowing it to be fitted directly to the leg of a Rescue Tripod.

Retrieval / Fall Arrest Block.

Lengths 20mtr / 25mtr.

Lightweight Aluminium Alloy casing.

Zinc Galvanised Steel Wire rope.

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Roof Man Anchor

Portable Deadweight Roof Man Anchor Device.

Ideal for Fall Protection / Restraint when working on flat roofs where there is no suitable anchor point.

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Fall Arrest Blocks Harnesses

Window Anchor

Safety Anchor for use in Door/Window openings 350-1240mm for one person use only with height safety Harness/Lanyard equipment.

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Brush Cutter 2 Stroke

Ideal for overgrown areas where a lawn mower just wont work.

Will clear all types of grass and weeds.

Has a powerful 2 stroke engine.

Comes with a shoulder harness and visor.

Brush Cutter 2 Stroke Heavy Duty

The tool for clearing dense areas. Fitted with a metal blade this tool with clear larger areas and bramble and shrubs. Ideal for heavy landscaping, garden clearance, and track side clearance.

Has a powerful 2 stroke engine.

Comes with a shoulder harness and a visor.